15 April 2013

The First Hackbright Alumnight

In February, I (with the help of a few others, including Michael, who ordered and picked up the food) organized the first Hackbright alumni get-together, now dubbed "Hackbright Alumnight," so we could catch up and see the new school.

First Hackbright Alumnight photo IMAG1431_zps9f1de1dd.jpg
Thanks to Angie for the photo. Next time we'll try to focus on one camera. ;)

With the two graduated classes present, we make a group of 28, but we had 19 of us present, plus a few teachers and mentors. We talked about future Hackbright Alumnights and how it would be nice to have some knowledge talks to share our growing web development knowledge and maybe change up the days of the week they'll take place on so different people can attend. We also shared some updates (if anyone doesn't want these publicized, please let me know):

Michelle (that's me!)--working at Get Satisfaction
Mercedes--working at Real Gravity
Sara--working at SurveyMonkey
Sanby--working at Eventbrite
Moon--working at inVitae
Susan--still looking then, now working at Flixster
David--working on the interior design of the new Hackbright location
Louise--working at SurveyMonkey
Annie--looking then, now working at GreenGar Studios
Lydia--working at RichRelevance
Andree--working at Bitcasa
Charles--working at Versal
Sonya--working on projects
Angie (of Women 2.)--joining Hackbright as an employee
Michele--working on her Java certification at school, looking for a summer internship
Zoe--working at New Relic
Melissa--was at a startup, now funemployed, aiming to work at Yelp
Claudia--working on a short-term project
Erica--working at Kixeye
Nicole--working at Eventbrite
Christian--engaged :)
Michelle Sun--working at Buffer

To add to the fun, we received our Hackbright hoodies. As Erica pointed out, those hoodies are the best $6,000 hoodies any of us have ever bought. Worth it? Yes.

Here's to many more Hackbright Alumnights to come!

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  1. From my friend Betsy:

    Wow, that's pretty impressive...that list of all the women and how every one of them is gainfully employed. Way to go, Hackbright gals!