09 December 2012

Why Hackbright > Learning Code on Your Own

Why going against your better instincts and quitting your job and paying a lot of money while living in one freaking expensive city to spend 40+ hours a week at Hackbright is greater than learning coding on your own (or at least the 26 reasons I've come up with so far):

Hackbright Graduation
I survived!
  • Networking opportunities are provided for you.
  • While you're busy learning, networking is being done for you.
  • You get to visit companies you'd probably never see the inside of otherwise.
  • You get professionals' views of companies so you have a better idea of where to work and where not to work.
  • You're part of a feminist movement to balance the tech industry (women make up about 9-12% of the industry right now). 
  • You have a schedule to stick to.
  • Knowing that everyone else is expecting you to be there motivates you.
  • It's a huge investment initially, but with your new skills, you can pay it off quickly.
  • The other students provide a support and networking group that continues even after the program.
  • Since the program is for women only, you get to hash out your feelings about learning and your projects every day. :)
  • Pair programming motivates you to keep up.
  • When you have a question, you can pick the brains of the instructors (I used to work on a tutorial until I got unstickably stuck, and then I would move on to get stuck on another tutorial).
  • Potential employers and connections are impressed upon hearing what you've accomplished in such a short time.
  • You find out about a zillion resources that you otherwise wouldn't know about.
  • You're given up-to-date coursework written by your instructors, meaning they know it inside and out.
  • You're provided a mentor who can help you with your individual project and learning.
  • All the computer supplies you need are there for you.
  • You get to sit at cool S-shaped desks that Christian built expressly for pair programming.
  • Interview practice is part of the program.
  • There is a career day where you can get to companies and they can get to know you in 7-minute speed dating sessions. 
  • If you end up working at one of the sponsoring companies, some of your tuition is reimbursed!
  • You're able to meet many women who have gone far as programmers, as well as those who are just beginning and get their advice.
  •  Swag
  • It challenges you more than you've been challenged in a long time.
  • At the end, you have your own cool app to show off (mine's BookFairy). 
  • Your net worth as an employee goes way up. In my case, it's at least quadrupled. ;)
Basically, I think Hackbright is worth every sacrifice, and there were many in my case, as I'll write about later.

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