31 October 2012

A Hackbright Halloween

It was a happy Halloween at Hackbright today, with many clever costumes (fortunately despite the distraction we were able to get some work done--and Christian let us try doing some individual work upon my request, which I thought was fabulous!).

See if you can understand this one:

Lisa as Ruby on Rails and Sanby as Python and Flask

Too nerd-speak for you? Lisa is Ruby on Rails (that's what it says on her shoes) and Sanby is Python and Flask (all programming tools--we were saying that if someone had come as a ninja with a red wig, they could have been Jinja--maybe I'll do that next year!).

Christian's girlfriend did a heck of a job dressing him up (he even had on lip gloss and mascara):

Christian as a Schoolgirl 

Ballooney couldn't not be part of the fun: 

Ballooney got into Halloween, too

And Erica brought two costumes, one of which was a tiger poncho.

Erica as a tiger with Ballooney

Moon rented an amazing Black Widow costume:

Moon as Black Widow

Cho Chang and Harry Potter (Erica and David) had a friendly duel:

Choe Chang and Harry Potter

And here are all of us who dressed up (we would have loved to include the non-participant, but this wasn't her thing):

Hackbright Halloween

We also enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies, Whole Foods cake, and gluten-free pumpkin squares. But mostly we enjoyed figuring out how to set up a movie rating application (RegEx for movie years and all).

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