22 June 2012

Cast Update

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppWhen I almost died of itching in my cast, a girl at church offered me this balloon. Not only does it do a good job of making me look cheerful, it is the perfect scratching tool, and I can leave it there--I even took a nap with it still in my cast.

As you can see, I also had my niece and some of her friends beautify my cast.

Some things I've finally gotten down:

  • showering
  • exercising
  • sleeping
  • steering the wheelchair
  • elevating while working on the computer
  • elevating while in the car
Some things I have yet to figure out:
  • showering so my back doesn't hurt
  • exercising so it actually helps something
  • sleeping all night
  • steering the wheelchair up and down stairs
  • elevating while on the computer while not laptop-burning my legs and getting enough sunlight to not go stir-crazy
  • elevating while in the car while effectively protecting my back, oh, and how not to get plaster of Paris all over the dashboard
In other news, today is National Chocolate Eclair Day. Yes.


  1. I suggest a breakfast tray to keep the hot laptop off your knees! Wood is best.

  2. Thanks! I'll see if I can find something similar.