12 June 2012

Being Asian-Mothered

Amy Chua, tiger mother
Michael's (skinny and Asian) mom always tells me to eat more. This morning when she pushed me around the neighborhood in my wheelchair, we ran into her (also-skinny and Asian) friend, whose first piece of advice was "you need to eat more!" Must be an Asian mother thing.

I was also pressured into trying out acupuncture yesterday, and honestly, I quite enjoyed the appointment. The needles didn't hurt going in (though the sight of them sticking out of me was a little weird), and I felt like they really did remind my body to send some more blood to the areas that need more attention right now. I liked the warmth of the infrared fan, the soothing music (I even recognized some church music), the lavender-smelling eye cover thingy, and especially the massage thereafter. Of course, the acupuncturist ("we can't all be acu-punc-tur-ists!") lectured me as well. She's an Asian mother, what can I say?

I'm just waiting for "Confessional Hymn of the Tiger Mother's Daughter" to come out to give me some more heads-ups. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look here or here.)


  1. Ha. Try having a Jewish grandma that grew up in Stalinist Russia.  She's always forcing my siblings and I to eat more, and looking at my skinny husband nearly makes her cry. 

  2. First of all, I love the new commenting interface :) Secondly, she will never stop feeding you, it is instinctive for her to feed, especially the skinny ones.

  3. I'm glad that Asian mother is trying to fatten you up, Michelle!   San Francisco in a wheelchair, however, sounds quite daunting and I'm glad you have people watching out for you.  Great post.  Love your Goodreads reviews and think you ought to include them on your blog.

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