09 May 2012

Not Your Ordinary Rain Jacket

I have a list of clothing I'd like to get to update my wardrobe, but finding them is proving to be difficult, especially since I'd like to use three gift cards that I have (all from different places). Oh, how I wish I could find everything at a good price at one website and have it all sent to me.

The J.C. Penney gift card is proving to be the most difficult. Not only did they not have any of the things I'm looking for, I couldn't find anything I liked in their store. I've gone over and over their website, only to find a few items I liked that were sold out in my size or the color I wanted. Plus, their search or labeling seem to be off. I found a cute lace cardigan after some searching, but it didn't show up when I typed in "lace." Sadly, they are out of the color I want.

Anyway, I had to share this tidbit. I typed in "rain jacket," and this was the one and only result:


They sell those things? Why?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's bright! That looks like something only a fireman would wear, but strange to be selling it on the J.C. Penney website.

    And I'm glad you got some bubblicious bubblegum...I've been looking for it here without success. :(