08 March 2012

Repetition and Minimalism

http://www.flickr.com/photos/photo_secessionist/galleries/72157623285553429The other day, I was thinking about how daily repetition in life drives me crazy if I think about it for too long. Then I started wondering why it was that I then love repetition in minimalist photography so much.

http://photo.tutsplus.com/articles/composition-articles/a-10-step-guide-to-superb-minimalist-photography/Usually when I think of repetition, it is disorderly--think laundry and dishes. Or boring--think the same commute every single day. Or mind-boggling--think the never-ending-ness of the universe. Or overwhelming--like putting a song on repeat. Each of these cases represents something negative to me.

http://photo.tutsplus.com/articles/composition-articles/a-10-step-guide-to-superb-minimalist-photography/ However, I realized that repetition in minimalist art and architecture is beautiful to me because it takes that annoying, real-life repetition and captures it so that it will never move again. The repetitive has become non-repetitive. Seeing those beautiful lines captured so they look orderly is beautiful to me. They tell me that repetition can have order and finality.

Do you like minimalism? Do you like repetition? Do you feel the same way about my connection between the two as I do?

(Photo sources: here, here, and here.)

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  1. I find it interesting that the top two photos you posted have something thrown in there to shake up the repetition. I love when that happens in a photo-- and in life, I guess-- it makes both the usual and unusual more satisfying.

    1. Good point. But interestingly enough, there is even repetition within those "shaker-uppers"--the plant has regular lines, and the handrail is a straight line that has the lines of the building reflected in it. Yet another level to this beauty--yes!

  2. You have such beautiful writing and interesting analogies. I like this post a lot =)I like the minimalism, and it makes the repetitions stand out even more, which can be pretty neat as well. Most importantly, there has to be a balance.