14 March 2012

First Day Ups and Downs

Spoiled or Mac Fans?
Empty free-pizza, free-Windows Phone event. Spoiled or Mac fans?
After showering this morning, I discovered that my alarm clock was an hour ahead, so it was 5:30. Oh well, more time for getting stuff done.

After blow drying my hair, I tried to use a scarf to compete against insistently wet weather and arrived at work completely soggy. At least there was a space heater and my coworkers let me keep it aimed at me all day.

After throwing together a lunch without much time to spare, I found out I didn't need it. Lunch was provided and there were tech speakers who came to talk to the start-up peeps at our space.

The speakers were from Microsoft. I got some time to check up on Facebook and emails.

A nearby man had foul language. He told me about some great eateries near my place.

I couldn't find the bus stop to get to the library, so I started walking and almost gave up when I got to my street. I saw "bus stop" painted on a cement light pole as the bus was coming up the hill, so I caught it on time, and my transfer from the Metro was still valid.

SFO Public Library Cards
I picked the colorful "READ" card by Wing.
The Jazz wasn't as good as I was hoping, or maybe I just was hungry and tired by then. I got a library card designed by Wing and decided to go to one of the nearby cafes or bakeries and get a piece of pie in honor of Pi Day.

I zigzagged around the neighborhood looking for pie so much that my feet really hurt, and the famous bakery and other places were closed or didn't have pie; nor did I find an umbrella to buy. I was glad to look around the hip part of Bernal Heights and I pulled out the sandwich I was supposed to eat for lunch.

I decided to revise my statement of "anything is better with sourdough bread," to "almost anything is better with sourdough bread, but peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches are better on normal bread." Food.

The bus stop was back the way I'd already come several times, there were no more possible pie places on the way back to my place, and the hills were insanely steep (there was one sidewalk that I think last saw a pedestrian in 1990, it was that skinny and overgrown). The houses and the view were really cool to look at.