29 March 2012


PhotobucketEven though I haven't had Bubblicious for at least ten years, I realized a while ago that I haven't noticed it in stores for a while. So I started specifically looking for it. And I haven't found it. What is going on?!? That stuff is/was good; it was so bubbly and the flavor lasted forever and the gum never stuck to my lips. And if I were a person who bought things regularly, I might have bought some of it in the last ten years. Apparently Bubblicious is made by Cadbury, which was bought out by Kraft, so it'll be interesting to see if I can ever find it again.

Has anyone seen it? Does anyone else have fond memories of it?


  1. I do remember this gum! The flavors were so good- I especially liked watermelon and regular bubble flavor. I'll have to look for it here and if I find it maybe I could mail you some. :)