25 February 2012

My Magical Year

My magical year (beginning with turning 26 on the 26th last year) has come to an end. And though the last year can be included in the last few really tough years, and although I probably tend to look at all the things that haven't happened, I've got to say that one of the best things to have happened in that year is getting to know Michael.

Is there anything better than being this comfortable with someone who doesn't get sick of you?

Also worth mentioning:

  • finally visiting Oregon, Washington, and Canada
  • Yosemite and Lake Tahoe
  • meeting a lot of wonderful new people and keeping up with good friends
  • getting closer to my niece and nephew and welcoming another nephew into the world
  • learning all about house and yard upkeep and new babies
  • having the time to devour over a book per week and do a lot of writing I've wanted to do for a long time
  • loving YMCA classes, especially Body Sculpt
Welcome to the next year of my life!