10 February 2012

Mineral Foundation

PhotobucketI have a question for women who read this blog because honestly, I don't know that much about makeup. Do you use mineral foundation? Have you ever used it?

I have recently tried to use my second jar ever (not cheap) on a regular basis and I feel like I'm wasting my time. Even though I'm doing the exact makeup routine outlined in the booklet that came with the makeup set, I feel like none of the powder really sticks to my face or does any covering or toning, which leaves me wanting to use a liquid foundation first (not just some cover-up), and I always get dots of the powder on the counter. Am I the only one out there who thinks it's basically useless besides as a second layer to de-grease a liquid foundation? Maybe it's just not for me because I need more coverage with my skin problem? Or am I doing something wrong?


  1. I use mineral foundation but I also use a primer which lets it stick better to your face and lasts longer.

  2. I've never used mineral foundation, however I do use a turmeric-based skin cream and then pressed powder on top. If I'm rushing out/in need of a touch up, sometimes I just put on pressed powder.

    I've always wondered if products such as Sheer Cover and Proactiv work, but never tried them.

    Hope this helps! :-)

  3. I agree with you on the mineral foundation, I bought it once and it never really worked for me. I like liquid foundation and/or pressed powder better. And it does get all over the sink!