19 January 2012

Who Takes Checks?

I had to write a check this week. A check. Remember those things? I was glad I even found one that I could dust off before trying to remember how to fill it out . . . I thought and hoped that they would soon be extinct when I last wrote one SEVEN YEARS AGO. But of all the places to require a check, a governmental department doesn't really surprise me.

I'm still waiting for Google to take over the government and make it awesome. And that would include banishing checks forever (and the necessity of trips to official offices).

That is all.


  1. You didn't write any in Germany? In France people pay with checks all the time, it was so weird at first, but I like it now. It's handy to know you have a few days to get that money into the account! I wonder if there are different banking laws here that keep checks from bouncing, or reimbursing stores when they do or something, since I doubt it's because France has total confidence in their customers, lol.

  2. No way! I had no idea France was that way. I never even saw anyone ELSE write a check in Germany. They all have those Euro cards that they use for shopping. Or they transfer money online, which I love!

  3. I agree, I hardly have any checks, and can't remember using one.