15 December 2011

Underestimated Present for Guys to Give Gals

I don't think guys will ever know how absolutely fabulous it is when they can do hair. It feels nice and it is so personal and something to brag about. Agree?

Michael's French Braid

Nice work, Michael.


  1. Hmmmm...Sounds like a keeper to me. I know that's a weird comment to make, someone told me that once. Except about Esther. Of course I'm keeping her! lol. Anyway, I'm thinking I need Stuart to learn how to do this. Might come in handy with all our girls!

  2. AGREED. When I broke my right wrist last December, all I wanted was my husband to do my hair. ONCE. Even if he had just brushed it for me I would have loved it. Alas, he never did.
    But I'm going to make him do my daughters' hair sometimes.

  3. I think it is a required skill to have, and it also helps to have a patient teacher =)