11 November 2011


I remember sitting in Mrs. Grover's 8th or 9th grade science class and discussing the far-off 11/11/11. One kid talked about hiking Mt. Everest before then. I remember thinking, "When that day comes, I'm going to have a huge party, and at 11:11, we'll all celebrate!"

Well, today is the day that I've thought to for so long, and it even happens to be a Friday--a perfect day for a party. But I don't really have a place to throw a party, any ideas for a party, enough friends to really have a party. When I talked to my 98-year-old great uncle recently, I mentioned 11/11. "You've been waiting for this day for 98 years," I said. "Yes," he agreed.

I think I'll enjoy a nice evening and maybe even eat some good chocolate at 11:11.

Happy 11.11.11!


  1. wow! i hadn't really thought of this day until 1/1/11 this year, when i was like whoaa, we have a 11/11/11 this year too! haha! :-)

    i wonder if your classmate has hiked mt everest yet!

  2. You could have come partied with us at the hospital. We just had our second baby today at 11 o'clock in room 11. Sweet huh?

  3. I was SO excited about it before and spaced on it until 11pm that night. Which was a cool time, but arg, I was so sad I missed celebrating it! I talked to Josh for a full 3 minutes about it and that was it, and that was a stretch for him. You're my kindred spirit :). AND I LOVE QUILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!