05 October 2011

Adventures of Late

Tiburon and Sausalito:

Tiburon, Aug. 2011

Tiburon, Aug. 2011

Here's a video of the same bubble guy:

Michael and Michelle at Tiburon, Aug. 2011

Oakland A's Game with the Glausers and Bankheads:

Glausers and Bankheads at Oakland A's Game, Sept. 2011

Half Moon Bay:

Sadie and Michelle at Half Moon Bay, Sept. 2011

Michelle and Heidi atHalf Moon Bay, Se...

Hiking El Capitan in Yosemite:

Hiking El Capitan, Yosemite, Sept. 2011

View of Half-Dome from El Capitan, Yosemite, Sept. 2011

Getting a nearly-perfect pumpkin from the garden (still no great tomatoes, though there were several small good-tasting ones this year):

Pumpkin 2011

Playing soccer once a week: no picture. :(

Saying goodbye to my Belgian friend, Adeline:

Adeline and Michelle Goodbye, Sept. 2011

Learning to use Michael's fancy camera:

Long-exposure at Lake Tahoe, Sept. 2011

Lake Tahoe:

Michelle and Michael at Lake Tahoe, Sept. 2011

Saying goodbye to my German friend, Patrick:

Patrick and Michelle at South Tahoe, Sept. 2011

Celebrating Uncle Al's 98th birthday:

Uncle Al's 98th Birthday, Sept. 2011

Running 15 miles in one week (record distance for moi): no picture. :(

Hiking Mt. Olympus:

Michelle and Michael at Mt. Olympus, Sept. 2011

Michelle at Mt. Olympus, Sept. 2011

Michelle at Mt. Olympus, Sept. 2011


  1. I'm glad I got to participate in those adventures, great memories. I love the last picture of you!

  2. You look good...especially in the back shot on the beach. Seriously, I'd trade butts with you.

    Also, I was about to ask who the guy was, but they he commented right above me and that seemed like it would be weird to ask.

  3. I agree with Michael - that last picture of you is gorgeous!

  4. You look great Michelle! Who gave you that awesome dress? The pictures are so clear and the color looks great (from an amateur perspective).

  5. I like the picture of both of us!!! I'm a way good creep...