26 July 2011

EFY Love Poetry

I re-discovered this treasure recently. As we EFY counselors of 2009 were cleaning up after a week of fun fun fun exactly two years ago, one of us found this hilarious and yet tragic love poem. (I've blurred out the signature for the sake of the poor, love-sick soul and included English translations under each picture.)

Dramatic EFY Love Letter

I'm sitting by the lake, sitting on a rock, and enjoying the romantic sunset that is letting itself be reflected in the water. Suddenly, I look over to you, and see that I look over to a faraway field that is letting itself be moved gently by the wind. I see a young woman who is more beautiful than the most romantic sunset possible. I see a young woman, the eyes the As I look up, I see a face that glows more than the strongest sun in the whole universe. The wind lets her golden The wind has set itself in motion again and lets her gol. As the wind sets itself in motion again . . .

Dramatic EFY Love Letter Page 2

it allows her golden hair to float across my face. I feel a fine hint/breeze Before [illegible] I look in your eyes and see say to you, "I love you." You touch my cheek with your soft lips and then starts After this tender kiss, the wind carries you far, far away to the beautiful horizon far, far away over the horizon.

[Blurred signature.]

Do you think the object of his affections got a non-rough draft? If so, what did she think? Where is the poet now, what has been his history of love, and what would he think if he saw this poem again (besides being mad at me for publishing it)?

Oh, the woes of young twitterpation.

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