02 July 2010

Team Spirit

So, I feel a little bit like an idiot.

I saw this guy on ads all over the place here in Leipzig, and I thought, "Ugh. Why do they use that guy? Is no one else around who can be in an ad?" In every single ad, he could only make one face, and that face didn't please me that much.

And then, in the frenzy of the World Cup, I was reading a newspaper article about the players who wouldn't be able to play with the German team because they'd been injured. I felt bad for them, especially for Michael Ballack, the team captain, who everyone said was purposely injured by Boateng so he wouldn't be able to compete.

Then I looked closer at the picture of Ballack. Oh. Pretty sure it was the same guy as in all the ads I'd seen. That's why they chose him. The German football team captain. Oops.

Michael Ballack

Well anyway, go Germany!

World Cup 2010


  1. I'm sorry that face doesn't please you very much. I wouldn't mind seeing it on a billboard or two!

  2. Hi Michelle. I saw this article online and thought of you: http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/07/04/travel/04Next.html?nl=travel&emc=tda3

    All the best, a reader.