13 June 2010

Scripture Bag

I made a scripture bag for Liv's baptism since she got her own set of scriptures from her parents. After her parents sent me the measurements of the scriptures (there is no quad here because there is no German translation of the JST), I made a rough drawing of the bag and cut out the material. But after I cut it out and started sewing, I realized how the two materials really didn't go together and felt bad. And although the zipper I got from a friend was the exact length I needed, it was black. And the "Liv" turned out kind of weird and uncentered. I'm not at all happy with the overall outcome, but at least I can say I know what I'll do differently next time, and also that I was finally able to sew on a zipper without freaking out and then relying on my mom.

And I was able to re-gift a stuffed animal seal that Mike had given me, named "Taufe" (baptism). Liv was so excited, she promptly declared she would call it "Robby" and brought it to church with her.

My first scripture bag

What do you think?


  1. I think it is really cute! Imperfect sewing jobs make me happy. They're so personal and fun.

    (Spoken as a true non-seamstress)

  2. Lovely! I wouldn't even know where to start on a zipper! Your craftyness is good motivation for me to finish hemming the curtains, an "easy" thing I have been putting off for months!

  3. You're too hard on yourself -- I think it's darling. I've seen a lot of these Bible covers with handles, but never seen one with a zipper before. Does it help to keep the Bible from falling out? Did you just wing this, or did you have a pattern?