10 June 2010

Sarahbeth Purcell and Mental Imbalance

Mental imbalance is about as acceptable as herpes. It’s never going to be accepted. But really, it’s a disease just like cancer. It just happens, and eats away all the good parts of your brain, like judgment and happiness and perception and memory and life. And you can die from depression just like any other disease. And it’s not as if people choose it. So why is it still a joke of medicine? "She died of cancer" is a lot more socially acceptable to people than “she committed suicide.” Why?

~ Sarahbeth Purcell, found here.

I looked up Sarahbeth Purcell, and she is an artist and a writer. Sounds like someone I'd like to be like.

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  1. Hang in there, Michelle. Keep writing, even when it's hard.

    You don't know me, but I'm living in a foreign country too (Austria), trying to learn German and trying to write. I read your blog just to see what you're up to and how you're getting along.

    I've been affected by suicide in my life, and while I don't condemn those who have been driven to the edge by mental imbalance, I decided for myself to keep going, and through a combination of hard work facing my own demons (with help) and a lot of luck in my relationships, life got a lot better.

    All I can say is keep on keeping on, even though I know it's hard. You have friends and family that love you a lot (judging by their nifty comments) and you can call on them for help when you need it.

    Keep writing.