03 March 2010

10 Reasons Why I Like My Job

  1. There are two dogs who come to work with my coworkers, so it's kind of like having two pets without having to buy the food and wash them and walk them and clean up poop. (Although I kind of dream of bringing my some-day Bernese Mountain Dog to work with me.)
  2. The company provides fresh fruit every day.
  3. There's a Fußball table in the conference room (I won 3 out of 3 times yesterday).
  4. The atmosphere is casual.
  5. The layout, design, and furniture of the company is really cool.
  6. mellowmessage is centrally located and I can ride my bike 8-10 minutes through the park to get to work or take the tram for 10 minutes and walk for 3.
  7. I get to use my computer skills.
  8. I have nice coworkers.
  9. Everybody else likes technology as much as I do--we Skype each other regardless of how close or far away someone is.
  10. There's a beach volleyball tournament every year and those who participate practice once a week for months.


  1. I wanna work there...oh wait I don't have any of the qualifications that you do.

  2. Nice job..haha! And yeah it was a bummmer, I fell in love with Germany--how much longer are you there? And now you better work extra hard on your blog- so I can check it to remember Germany :)