10 January 2010

Recent Events in Pictures (With a Few Comments)

*I finally got to visit Heidelberg thanks to Emily, my sister's sister-in-law, who is awesome. Yay! And isn't Heidelberg beautiful? Too bad there are so many Americans there.

Heiliggeistkirche Organ:
Heidelberg's Heiliggeistkirche

I got soaked without an umbrella:
Heidelberg in the Rain on the Bridge



Heidelberg Castle

View of Heidelberg from the Castle

*Silvester (New Year's Eve) found me at the Fingerles' eating cheese fondue and being forced into karaoke-ing Abba, followed by fireworks and a rousing game of Taboo.

Silvester/New Year's 2009-2010

*Mike's officially-no-longer-YSA birthday:

Mike's Birthday

Before we got tons more snow that won't melt (I'm sure glad I've got my Wellies and my black leather boots from Sister Dixon. Now I've just got to find some brown ones):

Leipzig in the Snow

*Alexa's wedding at Burg Frankenstein:

Alexa and Adam in the chapel at Burg Frankenstein

Burg Frankenstein

Mike and I were late and completely missed the official part of the wedding, but at least we were still able to see the Burg and eat and congratulate the happy couple. (And at least Mike got to see the sealing.)

Mike and I at Burg Frankenstein

The view of Darmstadt from Burg Frankenstein:

Darmstadt from Burg Frankenstein

Alexa's cute niece Esther who I watched during the sealing and who made me laugh because her British accent makes everything she says sound so serious ("We can be friends. And we can talk to each other."):


Esther's little sister whose name also started with an E (Eliza?) and who loved running AWOL down the hall or onto the elevator:



  1. it looks pretty. why is it too bad there are so many americans there?

  2. Looks like fun . . . but I also wonder why it was too bad for so many americans to be there. I have a guess.