08 December 2009

Job Interview

I really enjoyed my interview last week, and it sounded quite like I'm going to get a job. The only disappointment is the fact that the boss thought I needed more experience and would only offer me the assistant position (which means less responsibility and much, much, much less money--even less than I made at the FHL when I started part-time, if you go divide the monthly wages into hours). I keep thinking that with so much education, you'd think I'd be able to get a real position. But the promotion chances are good, he assured me. So now I just have to decide if it's worth it to stick it out in the lower position until I have the experience I need. The company looks really cool and I'd really like to work for them.

Oh, and I also have to try to forget the fact that my side-effected dry mouth caused my lips to stick to my teeth as I was trying to answer questions. Awesome.

Here is the company. They do internet media, communication, marketing, etc. for companies.


  1. Good luck! I always hate making grown-up decisions, especially when it comes to career paths.

  2. congrats! i bet they'll promote you quickly. :) that's really exciting. what kind of company is it?

  3. well, it's also typical here that you get your Bachelor's and Master's and then start with internships and assistant positions, until you have enough work experience. The degree gets your foot in the door, but its the experience that counts... :-)

    Good luck! I guess this means you'll be staying in Germany?

  4. Looks like a cool company. I like that I could click on an English button and read all about it. I'm so spoiled being an American.