27 September 2009


My paper proposal was accepted to a Women's Studies conference in San Diego next summer. I would love to go. Should I, though? I won't be a student or even a scholar at that point in time, I would have to pay $100 for the conference, my own flight, and for a hotel and transportation. Hmm.

The doctor told me that I need to go for a walk every day (resulting in a few good chapters of Wuthering Heights being read in the park today, praise the good weather!). And he said to eat a lot more vegetables, so I bought everything I could find at Aldi and am trying them all out. I've made some really awesome recipes (with peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, beans, nectarines, endives, lentils, garlic, onions, etc.), but it has me wondering two things: 1. If vegetables are so great, why is it that when they are in a good recipe, what makes it good is not the vegetable? It's always the spice or cheese or whatever else. 2. Is it really practical to spend so much time cooking? Who knows. Oh, and so many dishes! Plus, I find myself craving, craving, craving something sweet. Savory never was really my thing. (Sorry, Sica.) I thought yogurt was a good fulfiller of that sweet tooth requirement of mine, but the doctor said not to have so much dairy (and not so much white bread).

He's also suggesting I try acupuncture. I don't know anything about acupuncture, but after Tuesday I will, hopefully. I don't even know what questions to ask. I went swimming like he and my physical therapist have suggested, and that seemed to be the perfect solution to not being able to be active recently. And, for Andromeda, I'm posting the exercises I've been doing at home (I'm also doing motion exercises on a small ball, foot-strengthening exercises, carpal tunnel exercises, looking for a Pilates ball to use as a desk chair, and drinking a ton of water):

Upper Back Sport

Computer Use Stretches

My nose is still numb and the one side is still bugging me (I think it grew crooked after my surgery at 12 and will never fully recover since it's not growing anymore). Plus, the skin is still so weird. I've never seen anything like it. Tanya suggested a face cleanser, so I made one from oatmeal, cucumber, and yogurt. Its results were very short-lived. Voice therapy is coming along, but applying what I learn to everyday life is hard. I fought with the physical therapist this week. She was really mean and said I couldn't have my last appointment because I hadn't cancelled on time. But the other lady hadn't told me that and had scheduled a new one. If I had known that was the deal, I would have taken that appointment! Lame!

I've really got to learn to relax my muscles, especially in my neck and shoulders--they're always tight. For the mean time, muscle relaxers are getting me through the nights.

I've been loving the quiet around here (and I've been ignoring a lot of phone calls and emails and texts . . . sorry people) and I am not looking forward to having a full apartment again. Plus, where will I put all my vegetables? The fridge is overflowing and I don't like to shop every other day the way Germans do . . .

I may go to Austria and Hungary for a weekend soon. Poland and some specific cities in Germany are also looking good, if I can find some time and some cheap deals.

I dragged my moping self to the stake ball yesterday, a novel in hand (Wuthering Heights). I can't believe I didn't take a picture. That is now the third one I've attended here. Wow, it's interesting to think about all that has happened since that first year. Each time I've spent a lot of time with Jenny and Seppl--the first year, Seppl asked for advice about her as his date. The second year, they had a week left until they got married. I ended up dancing more than I thought would happen. I laughed my head off when I was dancing with Seppl and he asked me how they dance in America. I put my hands around his neck and he yelped, "Stop that! Only married couples do that here!" even though I've never seen anyone do that. Ha ha. At least he got me to laugh a few times. Brother Baasch across the table, who is hilarious and 45 or something, also danced with me after he danced with his wife. Then I danced with Andy and this other guy who whirled me around the dance floor when a waltz was playing (yes, I can waltz now) and we were the only ones. The fact that everyone was watching me just made it nerve-wracking. Funnily, I kicked him over and over because it was way too fast for me, but people said I looked professional. I think they couldn't see my feet under my long skirt. Ha ha. (I wore the long michemily one mom made for me in high school.) Here's at least a picture of my hair before I left:

Pfahlball 2009

The water heater has been making weird sounds for longer than usual, so I just turned it off. I'm wondering if I will turn on the heater this winter. I'm already shivering and walking around with a cold nose and using my rice bag for my feet at night . . . and am I ever going to eat chocolate again?

And two surprising developments: I've signed up to take Chinese and Spanish. Both seem to be very useful languages. Wahoo!

Is that enough of an update?

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  1. Yesss thanks! I am going to post (eventually) about my physical therapy experience here in France because it's just been so funny sometimes, and not at all available to me in the states because of insurance reasons (liked you post on that too!)