26 June 2009

Please Send More Chocolate Cake So I Can Trade It for Jelly-Filled Donuts

Yesterday was awesome.

1. I got caught up on some desperately-needed sleep.
2. Both of my thesis advisers said they could meet with me about parts of my draft. (Better than nothing.)
3. Plans for next week worked out.
4. I spent about 12 hours doing the last part of research for my thesis. It also happened to be the most fun part, the part that made me pick this topic--reading through the more than 600 pages (175,000 words, yes the size of several novels) I have gathered about mommy blogs in the last two years.
5. I received no less than five Pfannkuchen/Berliner (that's jelly-filled donuts) from my roommates today. Last week, I was given a cake (thanks Mark and Julia) that had chocolate in it, so I put a note on it saying, "If anyone wants to trade this cake for some Pfannkuchen, that would be lovely." When pieces of the cake started disappearing and no Pfannkuchen appeared, I thought it had failed. Nope. Suh-weet!

Remember the cat and the duck outside my window (facebook stati)? Now there's an annoying, repetitive sound which is either a hamster of unusual size, some kind of extremely-lost jungle bird, or a monkey. And today it had friends around so it sounded like a jungle outside, but that and the neighbor downstairs using his electrical tools to build something couldn't get to me.

Now I'm going to eat another donut.


  1. I wish I had a duck outside my window. And inside my house.

    I can relate to the last sound you mentioned though... For about a month here, our neighbors had a guinea pig squealing all the time outside of our window. eeee-ua-eeeeee-ua-ee-ua-eeeeee-eeee-eeee-ua. they finally ate it though. maybe someone will eat your noisy neighbor animal too.

  2. Hmmm, considering no one here really hunts or kills anything, that might be a big wish. But, it could happen.