13 May 2009

Thanks, Amazon

Yesterday, Amazon told me that they had recommendations for me. Hoping they had found some more sources for my thesis, I clicked on the link. What came up?

The Truly Disadvantaged.

I wonder if I could at least order an electric toothbrush from Amazon? Mine died. :(

And, in case you were wondering, I have completed the first draft of THREE pages of my thesis! That means I will be done at approximately the start of September (Sundays don't count). With the first rough draft. Ack!

And I still don't have any internet access at home. Sometimes that's good without a distraction, but sometimes that's bad when I need to look up some info!


  1. i hate not having the internet at home but it would be nice not to be tempted by blogs and facebook. How long does your thesis have to be?