22 April 2009

Pamukkale and Kusadasi

Pamukkale, and now Kusadasi, redeemed Turkey, despite having "slept" on the bus. Walking up the mineral pools with an extremely friendly older Australian couple was lovely. (They also have 12 kids and are Catholic.)

Then I learned some Turkish in the bus on the way here. The hotel is the nicest we've been to. They paid for our taxi, gave us lunch at 3, and showed us how to get to the beach. What more can we want? Oh, and this is the first place where the internet didn't measure up with my parent's internet. (How do you like that, Mom? Your internet is at the same level as that of a country where they still have holes for toilets.)

Petula and I have been playing this hilarious game that reminds me of my dad. When people talk--on the television, on the street, wherever--we translate what they're saying into German. It makes for some interesting stories, like the soap opera on the bus where they fought about who had the chocolate . . . for hours.

More on Turkish later. It is awesome.


  1. You can learn Turkish on one bus ride? Awesome.

  2. I still cry everytime I have to use our internet, and then I rejoice when I'm on campus and have lightening fast internet. It's so fast I don't even know what to do with my extra time!

  3. Sica: how about you read my blogs and comment with your free time? Oh wait, you did already! Sweet!