07 March 2009

Sleeping Warm

This is what I wear to bed:

Hot, I know. Black fleece/thick material is my friend. And that rice sock has changed my life. Pre-rice sock I couldn't always fall asleep because my feet were so cold (even before I stopped heating my room). Now, it's not a problem at all. Sleep and being warm are important to me.

I thank the Lord for my warm bed every day.


  1. Those rice socks are amazing!!! It's good to know that you're not going to die of frostbite anytime soon too. :-)

  2. I'm having second thoughts about staying with you in Germany. Will I have to wear my entire wardrobe to bed in order to survive the night?

  3. It isn't THAT cold anymore. (Who doesn't like snuggling under warm blankets against the cold?) And plus, we'll probably end up with three people in one room, so it could actually get quite stuffy.