23 March 2009

It Might Be a Boil If . . .

I recently had a hard, painful bump on my leg (I'm sure you wanted to know that), and being the internet junky that I am, I looked up a few things on wikipedia, including "boil," since I'd never really known what boils were. I found this sentence:

Boils are most often found on the back, stomach, underarms, shoulders, face, lip, eyes, nose, thighs and buttocks, but may be found elsewhere.
Oh, is that all? Is there anywhere they can't be found?

Whatever it was only lasted a few days, so don't worry.


  1. Ew. But thanks for letting us know... I think.

    I'm glad it went away.

  2. Whenever I try to diagnose my ailments using the internet I usually end up thinking that whatever's wrong with me is a lot worse than it really is. Swollen lymph nodes and headaches? Is it brain cancer?! Or an ear infection...? Those are the options. haha.