23 February 2009

Observed on Another Run

Remember how I saw that note stuck in some dog poo? I found some very fresh notes but was only able to get pictures of them a few days later, after they had been smashed. This round had new messages!

"Leipzig doesn't want this poo."

"Leipzig is not your dog's toilet."

"Dog shiz* is shiz*!" (Seen below.)

So hilarious! I would love to see what this mystery clean-up-your-dog's-poop person looks like. Does he push his diapered puppy in one of those awesome German strollers as he distributes his original signs wearing rubber gloves? Or does she sneak out of her hermit-like hovel in the early hours when no one is around, with her cat in her purse?

I definitely agree with this person--not just about people needing to clean up the dog poo, but they also need to stop throwing their garbage on the ground and disagreeing with friendly American expats who pick it up because "there are people who are paid to do that" and she's "taking their work away."

*Shiz is the word I would use, but not the exact translation here, obviously. This word doesn't seem to be as harsh in German, though it still bugs me--except for the old, unshaved man last week who saw the train go further forward than he thought it would and said the choice word under his breath as he started hobbling towards it. Something about old people swearing cracks me up.


  1. If you catch a picture of this mystery man, take a picture. How funny, and creative!