01 November 2008

My Mom's Crafter Boutique Blog

I just had to tell y'all about the new blog I put together for my mom. As many of you know, my mom and her friend Charla put on a crafter's boutique every year. Now they are starting their "online presence." It took me forever to get that mailing list form working and the flier in shape for the header. I hope you like the blog and that if you're in Utah, you'll visit her boutique on November 12th-15th from 10-7.

The boutique is actually one of those things I think about sentimentally and miss. It was always the thing that whispered to my subconscious, "The beauty, the warmth, the good food, the love . . . Christmas is coming." It was the official start of the Christmas season, with certain cinnamon-y smells and George Winston "December" music floating through the air. Christmas decorations deck every surface, and the time spent at home was marked by meals of tiny tester cups of special hot chocolates and corn soup mix, as well as the occasional cracker in jelly-covered cream cheese and chips in homemade salsa. Of course, those not-so-occasional chocolate turtles that are rung up on your mother's bill don't hurt a thing. The boutique (or "bo-tique" as my dad calls it) is warm; it's friendly; it's a place where my mom and Charla are in their element and where they rejoice to see friends they haven't seen for a while. I was always sad to see the tables emptied, the signs returned, and the shelves put away on hiatus.

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