15 November 2008

Hip Hip Hooray for Health

Word has it, that only a short while after the double-hip surgery, my dad asked Sica to slap his face (to which she replied with a few pats) . . . apparently he is doing well. Thanks for everyone who showed their love for my dad. If you see him limping around with a walker in the next few weeks, send him some smiles his way from me.

Also, I just had to tell this: my American professor, my American colleague, and I all went crazy when we heard that the professor's daughter had Scarlet Fever. We couldn't believe it! We all thought it had been wiped out . . . it sounds so 19th cenutry-ish, so Little House on the Prairie-ish. It made me wonder if polio was still around. Anyway, did you know Scarlet Fever is still in modern countries?