10 October 2008

Language Insanity

The English is going. Watch the process it takes for me to get to where I should be. I don't even know what's right anymore:

What is that talk called from Elder Holland?

What is talk that you from Elder Holland have called?

What is that talk on tape that you have called from Elder Holland?

What is that talk that you have on tape called from Elder Holland?

What is that talk that you have on tape from Elder Holland called?


  1. Lisa Stassforth - CaliforniaFriday, October 10, 2008 at 4:13:00 PM PDT

    I enjoy reading your blog. My daughter spent the month of
    July 2007 in Germany. She was only able to attend church the Sunday before she left, which was the next day.
    I think the question should read:
    What is the title of the talk, given by Elder Holland, that you have on tape?

  2. Thanks for the compliment. In which city was your daughter? Kiel? Thanks for the help with my English. :D

  3. She stayed in Gluckstadt, just outside of Elmshorn. She was part of a high school exchange with a school in Elmshorn. She had only finished one year of German when she travelled there. Everyone else had at least 2 years. She was on a waiting list. She replaced a girl who stupidly got caught drinking. I personally think the teacher looked down the list to see who he wanted to replace the girl and saw my daughter's name, and thought,
    "I won't have any trouble with her." Many kids in our stake have gone on these trips. Anyway I'm really glad she went.

  4. I'm glad she had a good experience! How's her German?

  5. not gonna lie, you can understand the first one you used. It woulda worked.

  6. True, it was after that, when I tried to get more specific, that I got confused. Even now, I wish I had gone one step further to "What is that talk called that you have on tape from Elder Holland?" ;)

  7. LOL. I know I look like a stalker, reading all your back posts, but I'm just enjoying the taste of grad school/general life in Germany.
    I have an M.A. in Greek and Latin, and I sometimes have the same problem with English dependence on word order to get their point across. Seriously folks, get an accusative and genitive case.