10 September 2008


Yesterday was the beginning of class again at the institute. I volunteered to make a flier/invitation for the event, and had fun doing so. Since I got permission from my friend Melissa to use a piece of her artwork from her final show at BYU on the flier, I promised her I would post the result:

They never sent it out. They either didn't like it or were too scared to tell me I made two mistakes (my friend Aaron told me; this is the corrected version). I have a secret hankering to be on the student council. I don't think it will happen, though, unless I do the not-so-kosher thing and "hint" to a member of the stake presidency. For some reason, people often think of the YSAs as just those YSAs who have always lived here and whose families are active members in the Church. That leaves out the new converts, the students away from home, investigators, and other random people. This point of view also extends to the very people called to the student council because of their status, so many activities are formed on the idea that people already have families and too many activities would be inconvenient instead of a help meat. Unfortunate. I wonder if I could change anything anyway if I were on the council. I'd probably just end up annoying the others because they wouldn't agree and would see me as one of the very outsiders they don't notice. I made one suggestion last year, but nothing happened. I repeated my suggestion to the president recently, and she said, "Yeah, we should have a suggestion box," which we all know means a garbage can. Hmm. We'll see.

On a cheerier note, I'm really excited for one of the newly-called teachers. He's a really brilliant, friendly lawyer who wrote his final dissertation on the organization of the Church.

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  1. Thanks for posting that! It's too bad no one ended up using it. It's the institute's loss.