30 March 2008


This morning was so weird. I woke up and looked at my watch at 6:40, and I thought, “Wow, it’s already so light outside.” I knew the online alarm clock was supposed to go off at 7:45, so I was surprised when five minutes later, it went off. After I turned it off, I looked at my computer, which said 7:45. I looked at my watch several times, which still was claiming the hour to be 6. How long had I not noticed that my watch was wrong? It took me a while in those moments after waking to think, “Wait, I noticed that Germany hadn’t changed the time forward when I landed in Munich. They must not have had Daylight Savings yet (Zeitumstellung).” I can’t believe how lucky I am that it all worked out for me. I made it to church on time, no problem. As is usual, people joked about people who had forgotten. That was not my story at all, I just plain didn't know. Maybe I should use that online alarm clock the rest of my life in thanks. Naaaa. It keeps leaving creepy messages on my blog. (10 bucks I get one on this post.)

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