25 March 2008

Macs/Apples: Complaints and Compliments

I've been compiling this list of things I do and don't like about Macs, but I didn't know where to put it. I was always a hater, but I'm a lover of good deals and needed a printer and an MP3 player that I could use instead of dragging a stereo to Germany. So, here's my list of complaints and compliments:

They are so cocky about their product.
Who would ever think to drag their precious USB files into the trash to eject? Hello!
Vertical video cannot be turned easily.
iPhoto drives me nuts.
I'd rather keep my things in organized folders than use finder to try to remember which words were in a file.
I suspect Apples save backup files of everything, using more space.
I have to constantly save files elsewhere and erase all memory on my USB and camera because the backup memory gets too big and I can't put more files there, even after I've erased them!
I miss a real delete button!
I don't like the switch of apple buttons and the control button. Let's be a little more universal here.
Boy that white gets dirty.
The sound never gets very loud, everyone has to be really quiet during movies.
What's this weird stuff with always having to drag things into applications? I've been dragging Firefox into applications every time I open the program, and it still shows up and stays on my desktop.


The processing is faster.
I rarely have to restart my computer because of a freeze-up.
The battery lasts super long.
I like the magnetized power source.

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