25 February 2008

New York

New York has been great. We have a hostel with really weird colors, but that's okay, because it's clean and it's somewhere to stay. Highlights:

-Meeting some cool Swedish girls.
-Seeing some of my favorites at various museums (Guggenheim, Metropolitan, Neue Galerie, etc.): Klee, Klimt, de Kooning, Rothko, Mondrian, Johns, Wyeth, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, and more.
-Following Jessi's example of sharing the gospel with EVERYONE.
-Laughing when Jessi told me that she gave a nickel to a homeless man who threw it at a car because "he served two years in Vietnam." (Do you think Iraq soldiers will do that some day?)
-Trying to convince Jessi at the MOMA that modern art is art.

-Not liking the new contemporary museum myself.
-Accidentally taking the express train to Brooklyn.

-Having our feet hurt so bad from walking that we have to support each other as we hobble home.
-Getting a tour of the amazing New York Public Library from a really cool French lady.
-Getting a library card at the New York Public Library, as well as a photo of the Gutenberg Bible that we found out was prohibited. (Oops.) They also have the cane that Virginia Woolf used as she went down to drown herself, the room where Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique, and the scroll that Jack Kerouac gave to the publishers for On the Road.
-Noticing dresses, suits, colors, and flowers everywhere we go because of Tanya's upcoming wedding.
-Going to the Manhattan Temple and seeing Sam's dad there.

-Trying to get Wicked tickets three times and failing.
-Going in the wrong side of the subway at least five times so we have to wait ten minutes to go in the other side or ask someone to reset our cards.
-Accidentally taking the express train to Harlem and having a lady named "Cool" and Tanya join forces to try to convince me to get my hair braided.
-Attending a piano/opera recital at Steinway Hall and seeing some pretty amazing pianos.
-Discovering a cool clothing store and deli near Times Square that fit my budget.
-Awaking to snow and being really excited, then having wet, cold pants and socks the whole day.
-Limping along, trying to ignore what has simply come to be called "the toe."
-Eating so many bagels that we never want bagels again (the store sells a package of day-old bagels for a dollar).
-Seeing two Titans at church.
-Talking to Jessi in German so she can correct me while she answers in English so I can correct her.
-Taking the ferry to Staten Island.
-Making friends with the Bengalese hostel employee because he gave us the employee pizza after we complained that all the free pizza was gone before we got there.
-Thinking I locked my key in my backpack with my computer and struggling for twenty minutes to figure out how to best break it open before going to bed and discovering the key the next morning.
-Joking about my pink burglar hat. (All the pink things were gifts, so I have to wear them, okay?)

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