05 February 2008

Informed Voting

I realize that there's not much I can do from here, but let me just say that for those of you Utah peoples who haven't voted yet, don't just go for Mitt unless you really support everything he's about and you hate everyone else. Since the chance of him winning is practically nothing for this election, focus on the others so that the best of the ones who have a chance can win. We all know what's going to happen with Utah, and I know my blog can't influence that, but I just thought I'd mention it . . .

I do have to say that the decision is hard. I thought I had finally decided on one after reading up on the candidates, but then I took this quiz that lined up your views and it lined me up differently. The funny thing was, I saw other people's results, and their percentages were much higher for one candidate. Mine were all fairly close percentages. This is one of those elections where it's hard to tell.

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  1. Yeah, online quizzes are a really good way to make important decisions.