29 February 2008

Friedrich Glauser

Yep, I don't have time to write about myself (only two more essays to go!), so read an already-written thing about this cool guy who was also a Glauser and who has a cool picture (see Wikipedia for more info):

Friedrich Charles Glauser (b. February 4, 1896 in Vienna; d. December 8, 1938 in Genoa) was a German-language Swiss writer. He was a morphine and opium addict for most of his life, and begun writing his novel Thumbprint while he was an inmate at Waldau, a Swiss insane asylum.

One of Germany's best-known crime writing awards is the Glauser prize. (I should aim for this. How cool would that be for someone named Glauser to get the Glauser award? Oh wait, I don't like to write about crime.)

[edit] Bibliography

[edit] German Originals

  • 1932 - Der Tee der drei alten Damen
  • 1935 - Wachtmeister Studer
  • 1935 - Die Fieberkurve
  • 1936 - Matto regiert
  • 1936 - Gourrama
  • 1937 - Krock & Co. (aka Die Speiche)
  • 1938 - Der Chinese
  • 1980 - Morphium

[edit] English Translations

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