03 February 2008

Chocolate, Funerals, and Stars

Three things I love: chocolate, funerals, and stars. With friends makes them better, of course.

I was busily working on one of my essays yesterday afternoon/evening when the door buzzed. I didn't budge since I wasn't expecting anyone, but my roommate told me that Mike was there to visit. Oh. I went out and he had brought chocolate ice cream for us to eat for pre-dinner. It was fabulous. I told him about my essay and then we looked out the window to see if we could see a satellite on the schedule Dad sent me, but it was too cloudy. We finally headed for the church, not having time to get dinner at the best Döner store ever (Ishtar, five minutes from my house and from the church). After four hours of President Hinckley funeral-related broad cast (wherein Mike begged leftover Christmas chocolate off the sisters and elbowed me every few minutes to hand me some more in place of dinner), I was spiritually lifted. Funerals of good people, if they are as they should be, really motivate me to do better. Because of what I heard yesterday, I want to always work hard, never quit writing, ever be learning and studying, love people more, and work towards having such a marriage as President and Sister Hinckley's. Pondering on these things, I walked out into the freezing cold air and turned to look back at the church. I saw a perfectly-fitting and beautiful sight: the sky had cleared, and the silhouette of the church was up against a starry, starry sky, complete with an upside-down Orion.

When it isn't cloudy here, the stars are beautiful. It amazes me how many I can see even though I'm in the city. (Salt Lake is just too big with too much light pollution to see that many stars.)

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