20 January 2008

One Cool Sister

As I've been writing these practice chapters for my job, I come across words that are ridiculously hard to put in sentences because they're not words you would usually think of teaching people in a new language, they just seem, I don't know. Anyway, my little sister is so cool. Not only was she quoted in the local newspaper this week, she was quoted saying a word that I don't think I could ever say using a straight face (outside of a classroom, of course).

Here's what she said: "On the way we thought it would take about 15 minutes," said Heidi Glauser, 12. "It took us almost two hours to clean it up. It really made me think about our water resources, and [how] we should be more careful about what we put in the water."

Did you catch the word? Resources.

Here's the article. Did anyone else wonder if the digital camera and the iPod worked? That's right, I think like I'm homeless.

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