31 August 2007

Splendid, Absolutely Splendid!

We have done so many fun things. I don't know if the Viners usually fill their days with so many activities or if they just don't believe me when I say that I'm completely satisfied: I just want to just to see them!

The boys and I made chocolate chip cookies today. Since ingredients are a bit different here, the dough was really sticky. I kept trying to add flour to de-stickify, and it just got thicker. I eventually gave up and James was delighted to get cookie dough schmeered all over his hands. Because of the extra flour, the cookies turned out more like pumpkin cookies: they were cakey-er. (Cakier?) We still enjoyed dunking them in milk.

I got to take a picture outside the Man United stadium on the way to Manchester, where Marie, Jonathan, and I explored the normal library and the reference library built like a cathedral in the 1800s to commemorate the life of John Ryland, a cottonmill owner. Wowee. The combination of old architecture and new was delightful.Then we met up with James and Simon to go to the Curry Mile, an area of the city infiltrated with amazing Indian restaurants. We tried all sorts of good stuff until our lips burned. Mmmm.

Several games of Skip-Bo today brought me back to good old times at Grandma Bergman's. Skip-Bo, trinkets everywhere, the smell of moth balls, fake green grass covering on the porch, and weird punch always remind me of going to her trailer. Yes, I beat Marie at Skip-Bo.

No sign of my suitcase, I never want to check luggage again! We have made numerous calls, spent on hold or being hung up on. Ha ha ha. I added up all the items in there and discovered that if they were to compensate me, it'd be worth around $700. All I want is my adapter.

I love the Viners. They are splendid people.


  1. Sounds like you are having a jolly holiday. Thanks for the posts so I can vicariously share in the fun.

  2. So do you still have all that stuff checked out from the SLCLS or is your blog outdated?

  3. I thought about that last night. I'm updating it now. Apparently the books I left on the table at home haven't been returned yet . . .