06 August 2007

Moving to Leipzig

I complained to Scott yesterday that Leipzig University has not been very helpful yet, and I worried that I would arrive only to have them say, "Michelle who?" I've only received one letter from them, and the last email was a month ago. I found a site about the student residences, but no one has yet answered the questions I sent to the corresponding email address. I don't know much about enrolling or what to do when I get there.

However, I found the American Studies newsletter and decided it would be cool to be involved with that, so I emailed the editor about helping out. She and her sister have given me more info than anyone so far. They sent me a good website for apartments after telling me not to live at the student residences, and today they even told me that if I didn't mind sleeping on the sofa, it would be easier for me to find an apartment if I had somewhere to stay for the first few days. I worry about pushing my luck too far and asking too many questions, but hey, I have somewhere to go and I think I'll start making a list . . .

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