01 August 2007

Costa Rica Negatives and Positives

Do you know how frustrating it can be to wait through a whole country to check your email and then pay a dollar to use the internet only to find that it won´t open your gmail account?!?

Costa Rica is beautiful. Contrary to what all those people said, I love the humidity. So does Tanya. It´s wonderfully amazing.

Poor Tyler has an ear infection, he discovered this morning in a frustrating stroll through the hospital. I was frustrated at getting too much sun today, which I know is stupid, but I try so hard to keep myself sunscreened, and I dislike it when people abuse their skin. We didn´t get to see a monkey in the most likely place, and I also ended up sitting in a wet suit and shorts for hours on end. When we finally got to a bathroom in San Jose, I made mud in the toilet with all the sand that came out. I just dumped even more into the shower just now . . . I wonder how many emails I have! I wonder who the new bishop is! I wonder if my mom sold my computer! I wonder so many things!

On the positive side, I like fried bananas, nothing has been stolen (knock on wood), I didn´t spend my entire savings, Tyler´s pteradactyl screech makes me laugh every time, Tanya has allowed me to read some of Harry Potter the 7th, my flip flop hasn´t broken yet (just detached, which is fixable), I was able to take most of the photos I wanted before my battery died, I bet I have a lot of good emails waiting for me, guanabana is yummy, I finally had some maracuja juice, I saw lightning bugs, I saw banana trees, I body surfed, and I didn´t get a sore throat from salt water (today anyway). I´m so glad that Tanya, Tyler, and I came to Costa Rica. Wowee.


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