13 August 2007

The Big Trip's Master Plan

Although my trip is still in the vague stages, here is the master plan:

Leave for Boston on the 21st.
Spend two hours in Chicago on the way.
Do a bunch of cool stuff in Boston for one week (including the Freedom Trail, some cool art museums and libraries, and a Women's History Museum).
Leave for Manchester on the 28th.
Spend a week with Marie and her family. Wahoo!
Go to London for a week or so.
Fly from London to Altenburg using Ryanair (probably will cost only a few Euros).
Take the train or a bus to Leipzig.
Good luck finding a place.

So far, I've only researched Boston and skimmed through the Manchester section of the England book. The most exciting thing I could see was that Manchester is the home of Oasis!

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