21 July 2007

Michelle and Corrollas

Another girl works in Tanya's office, and apparently she is really good at guessing what kind of car people drive. Tanya asked her what kind of car she thought I would drive, and without hesitation she said, "Corrolla!" That surprised me. I wonder why. I'm sure she hears a lot about me (and a lot from me when I call Tanya and chat), but what did she base that on? Tanya agreed that I wouldn't drive a Corrolla but that it made sense in a weird sort of way. Does that mean I'm plain? I know I'm cheap, but Tanya says the girl doesn't know that. Hmmm. Too bad she didn't guess a Volkswagen. I've liked German cars for so long. I also think it would be cool to have a mini. However, until someone kicks me in the head or better fuel options are around, I think I'll stick to other things.


  1. Hey, don't dis the Corolla until you know how to spell it. You can't get a better bargain of a car for the price or for the gas mileage. Although I married into my Corolla, I have quickly become converted. Also, having been the owner of a German car, I have to say that I loved the hip, zippy feel, but German engineering isn't nearly as practical and reliable as good old Japanese standbys.

  2. Hey! When I told her your reaction she said that she had also thought of a mini. Haha. Yay! At least it's better than a volvo.