25 July 2007

I'm a [Google] Believer

I'm a through-and-through Google believer. I even just sent a suggestion and a "success" to them a few moments ago. I couldn't even tell you which Google product is my favorite, there are so many. I can tell you that the most-used one is Gmail, which I completely appreciate.

People may argue that paper letters are nicer and that people aren't as personable anymore because all of their interaction is through computers these days, but I don't believe it. How much nicer can one paper letter be to several emails a day, full of news and digital pictures? I'm addicted to email like no one I know, because of the rush of seeing new emails in the inbox! As for the personable thing, I had a fun experience this morning that proved that wrong.

My brother Jeff is on a mission in the Baltic States Mission (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). I think he would agree when I say that we've grown closer through email. I'm not sure we knew as much about each other's lives when we were living in the same house. Just this morning, being unable to get back to sleep, I got up to see if his weekly email had arrived yet. It hadn't, to my disappointment. I started doing some Mac research and soon discovered that a new email had arrived from Jeff. It made me laugh, as usual. Knowing that he may be online, I signed into chat, though I knew he wasn't allowed to chat. He was signed in! I quickly changed my custom message to say, "Jeff is cool." A moment later, his read, "Michelle is cooler." I couldn't be more delighted! He then changed his to "Tell everyone I' m not using this one anymore and to send it to the other one." Mine replied with, "Okay," and his responded with "thankyou love you."

That's a good way to start a day.

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