18 July 2007

Don't Sell Utahns Short

Okay, so it's not perfect writing, but I haphazardly emailed the local letter to the editor section and they published it.

Don't sell Utahns short

Whoever said Utahns are not as generous to nonprofit organizations has some more research to do. They would do well to look up "fast offerings" on lds.org. A large percentage of Utahns are Mormons, who are encouraged to give up meals and donate quite generously at least once per month.

Michelle Glauser
Salt Lake City

Never mind I can't find any articles about Utahns being stingy, just about them topping the IRS's charts. I told you I mostly get my news from other people, right?

If it was that easy to get in, maybe I'll try it again.

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