09 June 2007


According to my research, here were my expenses on the Hells Canyon trip (I still can't decide if it's officially with or without the apostrophe, I saw signs with both):

Car rental in Salt Lake: 330.88
Winger's in Pocatello (the only food I bought): 11.17
Gas in Boise: 32.64
Boise Art Museum: 6.00
Rite Aid sunscreen and socks: 9.57
Gas in Eden: 30.00
Gas in Craigmont: 31.76
Gas in Boise: 17.50-ish
Gas somewhere else: 28.89
Gas in Murray: 31.54

For a grand total of 529.95, for an $800 trip. That's perty good. If I had only had to pay for gas (instead of a rental car), I would have paid only 199.07.

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