25 October 2006

Wide Eyes!

Last week, I did what I thought I wouldn't be able to do until I was thirty-five and didn't have the same condition as my mom: I got LASIK!

Here is the funny thing: the main reason I did it was to build credit. I recently finally gave in and got a credit card. I am so anti-credit card, wallet, etc., but I decided it would be good if I was smart and careful about it. However, at this time in my life, I don't spend money on anything.

There's not anything I need. I can't use the card to buy gas, because I don't have a car. (I don't even have the slightest desire to have one right now. Mom definitely thinks I should get one. I just don't think it's worth it at this point. I don't really go many places. Dad is already headed in the direction of TRAX, so I help him with invoices for thirty minutes, and then I go to work. He even said it was okay himself, it's the rest of the family that doesn't like it.) So anyway, my mom said that tiny little five-dollar purchases (like nylons when they run at work--grrr!) probably weren't going to do any good to my credit. She said I needed a bigger purchase that I could pay off. Wil mentioned to me that your credit grows better if you never do a maximum purchase, only 80% or less or something like that. My card's max is $5000, so the $1000 per eye that Bishop/Dr. Jackson charged was perfect.

So, the idea of not being able to blink was . . . uncomfortable. The thought of me watching them cut the surface of my eye with a blade freaked me out, so I tried to forget that part. Unfortunately, the night before, Scott reminded me about it. Oh well. With a bit of valium, eye-numbing drops, pressure that makes your eyes go dim, and counting in German, everything went well. I watched movies the rest of the day and watched as they became more and more clear. The next morning, I rolled over, groped around for my glasses, then remembered. I looked over at the clock, and lo and behold, I could read it!!!!!!!!!! That's a concept I'd never even imagined. I went straight back to work that day but was unable to wear eyeliner (the only eye makeup I wear anyway) for five days.

The only effects lasting til today are that my eyes are a bit dry (luckily they gave me plenty of refresher drops), and I have what is called an "eye hickey." These eye hickies disappear after a couple of weeks, so it shouldn't be so evil-looking by Halloween. Everyone finds this name extremely funny. Elder Decker said, "Your boyfriend must have really small lips," which Scott laughed at.

I'm having my second checkup today. Last week, I was seeing 20/20 in one eye and had a bit of correction still in the other. I think today they will both be 20/20.

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