18 March 2013

Let's Discuss This Response to my Listserve Email

Out of all the messages I got from my "Women in Tech" Listserve email, only one (!) was negative. Here's the message:

Women in Tech: you know where that never happens? The kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom.
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-14at72252AM_zps37e14c2d.pngIs there a way to discuss this without letting my annoyance get in the way? These are some ridiculous replies I thought of:

Dear Terry,

Well, you're using Yahoo. Did you know that company is being led by a woman who has done wonders in tech?

Dear Terry,

That Android in your hand wouldn't exist in its present state without the help of women who weren't limited to the kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom.

Dear Terry,

Ever heard of Ada Lovelace?

Dear Terry,

How did you sign up for the Listserve, anyway?

Dear Terry,

You do realize that half of the human race is female, right?

Dear Terry,

It is domineering, mean men like you that make the world a bitter place.

Dear Terry,

Here is what my husband said: "A pooper will be a pooper."


Here's the mean email that I ended up writing. I thought I was over my initial anger, but maybe not:

Your poor mother and every other woman you've ever loved.

Have a great day anyway.

Michelle Glauser

What would you have done? How can we discuss this in an open way?


  1. Kind of surprised you even said anything to him. I think your response was...hmmmm...true.

  2. In all honesty, Michelle, I can't see a reason to even respond to him, because his reply makes absolutely no sense at all. Does he mean that women belong in the kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom? Is he upset because he has no women of his own in his woman-designated areas? Is he just trolling, eagerly awaiting your angry reply? His response is so dull and witless that it is utterly meaningless - like a fart in the wind. And who has time to waste on that? Certainly not you!

    With that said, there are time when negativity needs to be confronted and effectively managed, but this is not one of them. Mr. West deserves to be ignored as the peon he is, because he has no power to stop you furthering your career, your livelihood, or your life. Dust bunnies have more impact than that guy. Seriously.

  3. I don't think it needed a response. Like Michael said, "a pooper will be a pooper". Addressing said pooper will have no positive benefits.



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